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Tanks to Fulfill all your Oilfield Needs.


Non-coated and coated FRAC TANKS are available for your specific needs. Our coated tanks are used for quality control and storage of all types of fluids from water to acids. All tanks are equipped with ladders and landings for your safety.


250 skidded tanks are available

50 mobile tanks


Test / Mud Tanks


Test / Mud Tanks are commonly used for fluid recovery from flow-back procedures, storage of fluid for drilling rigs, and temporary tank batteries or production facilities.


Each tank has an outside gauge board and is equipped with a spiral stair-case and landing for your safety and convenience. Storage capacities range from 250 bbl. to 500 bbl.  Demand for frac tanks is growing and we believe that a major reason for the increase is the service that comes along with a frac tank rental from Diamond Tank Rental.  Frac Tanks provide temporary storage of thousands of gallons of liquid material. At Diamond Tank Rental, we can help you with storage and transportation of liquid waste.


  • Mobilization of a frac tank to the client’s facility
  • Pumping the contents of the permanent tank into the temporary storage tank (equipped with portable spill containment berms)
  • Confined space entry into the tank by a competent crew for the purpose of cleaning the tank
  • Profiling, transportation and disposal of the residual product and wash waters
  • Return of the stored product to the permanent tank after inspection by others
  • Decontamination of the frac tank and
  • Demobilization from the site


Gas Busters


A simple separator vessel used to remove free or entrained gas from fluids circulated in the wellbore, such as mud used during drilling operations. The gas buster typically comprises a vessel containing a series of baffles with a liquid exit on the bottom and a gas-vent line at the top of the vessel.


Why Diamond Tanks


Our experienced, professional dispatch department directs their team to go the extra mile. Their knowledge of the industry and expectations of each other far surpass other leaders in the industry.  Their commitment to excellence performance and their caring for the equipment is second to none


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